Learn How to Optimize AWS Costs

This in-depth course will show you exactly how to identify, monitor and optimize AWS costs. Become an AWS cost professional and gain a big advantage in the tech world.
Oliver Gehrmann & Manuel Vogel - FinOps & AWS Experts

What You Will Learn

AWS cost optimization is a complex process with many facets. With this course we will enable you to analyze, understand and manage AWS costs. Boost your career and become a cost optimization professional!

Understand How AWS Billing Works

Learn cost optimization essentials, structure of a cloud bill and understand how AWS pricing works.

Cost Reporting and Monitoring

Learn how to measure your spend properly with the right KPIS. We show you the best strategies to keep your costs always on track. No more bad surprises!

Workload and Ressource Cost Optimization

Real world examples and best practices how to optimize the most common AWS services like EC2, RDS, S3, networking, Reserved Instances & Spots

FinOps Methodologies

Learn how to use FinOps as a new operating models for the cloud and help your whole organization get more cost aware and hungry for efficiency.

Cost Management with AWS Tools

Learn how to use AWS cost tools like cost explorer, trusted advisor, pricing calculator, tags and budgets

Cost Optimization Designs and Patterns

Learn about the well- architected framework and best practise examples. Everything real world approved.

Made for Tech, Finance and Business!

Cost optimization is not something that can be done by one department alone. Through years of experience in cost optimization projects we know that business, tech and finance must work together to achieve the best results. We show you how the collaboration between the different departments works and how silos can be removed!

This course is ideal for the following roles:

  • Executives: CTO/CIO, VP of Infrastructure, Head of CCoE,  
  • Engineering and Operations: Software Engineers, Cloud Architects, DevOps 
  • Procurement: Procurement Managers
  • Finance: Financial Planners, Business Advisor, Controller, Analysts
  • FinOps Practitioner: FinOps Analysts, Manager Cloud Operations


What's Included?

  • High Quality Videos
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Quizzes
  • Official Certificate  
  • Hands-On Labs

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Meet Your Instructor:
Oliver Gehrmann

Solution Architect & FinOps Expert
Oliver is FinOps consultant and the GoTo expert in Germany when it comes to AWS cost optimization.
As a former DevOps engineer and AWS team lead in a consulting firm with years of experience managing large-scale cloud projects, he know’s how tech teams think and what executives want.

Meet Your Instructor:
Manuel Vogel 

Cloud Engineer & DevOps Expert 
As a former developer and cloud engineer, Manuel knows exactly how to develop efficient code and infrastructures. As Terraform Maintainer he contributes significantly to the further development of Infrastructure as Code.
His great passion is to anchor DevOps and FinOps even deeper in modern IT landscapes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the course be published?

We have high expectations of ourselves and the content we want to convey. 
Developing such a comprehensive course takes time. We are planning the release for mid-November.

Can I really cut AWS costs with the knowledge I gained in the course?

Only applied knowledge is power. We give you all the tools you need to understand and optimize cloud costs. The realization is up to you :-)

What prior knowledge should I have?

You should understand the main AWS services like EC2, S3, RDS, VPC and roughly know how to run large AWS environments. We will teach you the rest :-)

What if I don't like the course?

We are confident with the quality of our work and offer a 100% money-back guarantee.
No questions asked.
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